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In this article I am going to give you a insight of my personal experience of starting out as a Webcam girl and from what Ive learnt in the 2 years I have been doing it.

If you are reading this then I imagine you are wandering if webcam modelling is the right job for you? I was thinking the same thing 2 years ago. I was working night shifts in a hotel for minimum wage and dreading my shifts, In fact I hated my job altogether from the rubbish hours and wages to the ungrateful and arrogant customers. That was when someone close to me mentioned they were thinking of doing webcamming, I had never heard about it before so I knew little to nothing about it. I wanted to find out more from other webcam models, but found it very hard to find honest blogs regarding the pros and cons of the job and what it entailed. So here it is, my honest and real findings and accounts of the things I have had to endure to get where I am today.

In my opinion there are pros and cons to any job. Be it a multi millionaire who runs his own business or to a retail shop assistant who does a 9-5. Like any job you get out what you put in. Don’t expect to earn a fortune if your not prepared to put the hours and work in. I started webcam modelling in between working night shifts at the hotel and within 3 months I was able to give my job up all together and do this full time as a career.

One of the most appealing thing about Webcamming is you can work from practically anywhere at anytime of your choosing, making this perfect for people with a busy lifestyle or other commitments. All you need is a good internet connection, decent computer and a webcam, preferably HD.

There’s also the convenience of it all, imagine earning money without having to commute to a place of work everyday or having to be trained into a new role? I know this sounds to good to be true doesn’t it, but that’s just it, it is true and 100% doable providing you have the commitment and drive to start up and follow it through. Now I’m not saying you have to work 8 or 9 hours a day, you can work as many hours as you want a day/week depending on what you want to get out of this. I’ve found the best way to attract customers online is to commit to how ever many hours/days you want to work a week and then set up a schedule so they know when you’re going to be online and also so you have set times/days to work making it easier to arrange personal life around this, again making it feel like a job.

There is so much money to be made from Webcamming, the opportunities really are endless. Lisa Lush Models offer a guaranteed payment every week into you bank with no minimum targets to reach before pay out like some other agencies or websites in this industry, they also help with any questions I may have and thats why I chose and continue to work with Lisa Lush Models.

If you decide to give it a try and worry about what your expected to do on cam, that’s the beauty, you only do what you feel comfortable with. There are non nude models as well as models who specialise in certain fetishes, or you can just think about what you are happy to do/not do and stick with that. Your shows can really be as creative as you want them to be, meaning you only ever do what you feel comfortable doing. For those who want it there’s also the fame attached to the job, not to mention the confidence it brings.

One of my main concerns was if the customers would like me and If they would be nice. The last thing I wanted was to finally pluck up the courage to go online for the first time and then have men being horrible to me. I’m thankful to say it was exactly the opposite, they were so nice and had nothing but nice things to say about me. They put me instantly at ease and have done ever since. Of course you do get the odd freeloader or troll but these are very few and far between. Within time you’ll learn to spot them quickly and thankfully can block them your end with the click of a button.

Another one of my concerns was privacy risks. What would happen if people I know found out about this? Would they support me? Thanks to a geographical tool on the site you are able to block people from whole counties or even countries making it a lot less likely for your neighbour or the guy from the local garage is going to accidentally stumble across you.

Within time I felt more comfortable about my career and felt confident enough to tell certain family members and close friends and the response I got was a lot different to what I had first anticipated. They saw how much more financially stable I was and how my persona how change for the better and were more than happy to support me in my chosen career.

As I’ve mentioned the income is very good if your willing to put the hours in but this is a self employed job, so like any other you are expected to file your own taxes. My recommendation is to hire a accountant to do this for you as they know lots of expenses that we can claim for our business that we probably couldn’t file for without them. As you work from home their are general household bills you can include that you use to unable your business to work so don’t be put off. Remember though if you are earning enough to pay taxes your doing well income wise right?

You may have read articles women have tried webcamming and have said it rubbish and you don’t earn enough etc. This comes back to self drive. If you started a new job and it wasn’t what you had expected would you instantly quit? Or would you tell yourself to give it a few more weeks and see after if your getting what you want from it? 75% of cam models give up within the first 3 months. It can be hard to build a customer base but once the guys start seeing you on their regularly they’ll come on especially for you it really is that simple.

Now I’ve gave you a personal insight into my experience with webcamming and what I believe to be the pros and cons of this industry I hope its gave you some knowledge and understanding.

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