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Technology & Innovation :

Technology & Innovation.

The best way to create value in the 21st century is to connect Creativity with Technology. This was said by Steve Jobs, one of the smartest people alive. At Lisa Lush we strive and are constantly looking to be creative with use of modern day technology. Because of our experienced staff we know what new technology the industry has to offer. This allows us to give our models and Stripclubs owners more possibilities to expand their activities online with the latest hardware and software solutions. This makes the viewer experience much more attractive, which results in many happy online customers.

A End-to-End Livestreaming solution.

Ten years ago live streaming was a viable option for early-adopter brands to use. They would connect to their user base who were all watching on their desktop computers. Now video live streaming is nearly essential for building brands. Live streaming is more integrated and easier to arrange than ever before, and your audience can connect on mobile phones, which now offer more media performance than the desktops of ten years ago did. Everything you need to broadcast your events live and engage your audience anywhere: hardware, marketing services, and support. Work with our experienced team to make your event shine! Reach millions Live!

Technology and Sex Toys

Where events like CES, famous for the tech exhibitions, stay in talks for the smartphones, vehicles, drones, and robotics they exhibit, not everyone dialogues about the innovations featured in the sexual health and pleasure industry. Unfortunately, sex toys, an industry worth over $52.7 billion, does not get the limelight it deserves. That’s why sex-tech enthusiasts hardly get a clue about the amazing things happening in this significant industry. Truth is, sex and pleasure have always been around, and humans have always been looking for ways to control the experience. Discovery of a 28,000 years old dildo, and ancient manuscripts tracing way beyond, like ‘Kamasutra’, make this point damn clear. Although, a little away from the mainstream fame, but sex-toys in 2020 are already creating a buzz among the enthusiasts. Considering the current innovations in the smart sex toys market, it is clear that the taboos are fading away gradually. Not only global acceptance is increasing but also the current players have learned to associate their usage in sexual well-being. From solo play to couple-friendly sex toys, the goal of using these products is no more the same.

At Lisa Lush we teach each model how to use these interactive sex toys to boost their income and having fun at the same time!

Technology vs Sex industry

The emergence of adult webcamming marks an important change in the sexual economy. Webcam modeling is part of a new, large, and diverse online market in which sex workers advertise and sell sexualized services online. Many sex workers now perform part or all of their labor in an online environment. This has many benefits for these sex workers. The biggest main benefits are :

  • Disease free
  • No physical Assault
  • No Risk to reputation.

Like all online activity, nothing is truly anonymous, but camming with a dude or dudette online is much safer and quicker than meeting up with someone in real life for the same services.

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