My life 2 years ago…

I was 21 years of age and I worked in a full-time 9 – 5 office job for the previous two years. I was making $62 each day for 8 hours of work, including my 1-hour lunch break, which, let’s be honest, isn’t that great.

A friend of a friend started doing webcam modelling and was making a LOT of money each day from doing so.


I decided to give it a shot, what could I really loose, at least I’ve tried it right? After joining Lisa Lush Models and setting up my account ready to stream, I logged on for the first time in front of the webcam.

Within 2 hours of being online, I made $65. So, I literally just changed what used to be a whole days amount of earnings from my previous job, in just 2 hours!

You can imagine, I carried on working part-time as a webcam model until I decided to leave my current office job.

I’m now financially stable, compared with the money I was generating from my old job. I now exchange much less amount of time for money. I work for 3-4 hours most days and make 4x the amount of money from my previous salary straight into my bank account each week.

My days were now down to myself, I can choose whatever work times I like each day or if I don’t fancy working, I can – im now my own boss!

I now set myself some target goals id like to reach the days that I’m camming, which I find is a great thing to do, to keep you focused and also if I feel like earning more, I just carry on.

So how about you?

Is there something you have always wanted to be able to spend more time on? Family time, happier life, be financially independent or whatever else it may be.

It’s the best feeling being my own boss, I get to go on little breaks away whenever I wish, I don’t need to ask anyone to give me days off. I can even BRING the laptop with me and do a couple shows while I’m on holiday, all you need is your laptop, cam and a good internet connection.

I have regulars who wouldn’t miss a show I do, and regulars that just want to chat with me and ask me what I have been up to during the day. You’d be surprised a lot of the clients want someone to talk to or even some advice on their love life.

However, of course, you will have requests to fulfil fantasies and fetishes, so you need to bare that but you ONLY ever do what you’re comfortable with.

You might find that part may throw you off being a webcam model – the odd requests you might retrieve. Some people want to simply look at your feet lol, but hey, what gets them off and puts money in my pocket, I’m fine with.

I know from the moment I log on I am safe, in my own room making someone’s fantasy come to life by just ‘pretending’ at the end of the day.

I’ve now got an accountant who registered my business by my stage name, does all my paperwork and tax returns on my behalf, who also is great as the advice you can claim about your taxes such as technology and utility bills and so on.

Enough so that now I have saved up the deposit to buy my first home, which would not have been possible if I stayed at my previous office job.

All I can say I love what I do, and would highly recommend being a webcam model especially with the amazing team here at Lisa Lush.

So, that was my story, I hope it may help you decide how to write yours…

Love xx Victoria xx

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