It was early January, I was broke after the usual Christmas present buying period and a week-long hangover from NYE. I was binge watching an entire series of programmes on Netflix, having been out of work for the last 3 months I knew it was time for me to look into a new source of income.

I picked up my laptop and searched for hours about ways I can generate income from home. There were so many ‘bullshit’ websites telling you about these ‘get rich quick’ schemes, which you had to subscribe to, with a substantial amount out of your pocket, I quickly gave up.

The following day, whilst mindlessly scrolling down my Instagram feed, I noticed a post from a model I had been following, the post was her in the tropics of Bali, with the caption of: “Do you know how I fund my lifestyle?” Being intrigued by the caption, I quickly clicked the ‘See more’ button which revealed the rest of the caption so I could continue to read.

It read, “I get to live my life how I please, visit locations I’ve always dreamed of, work the hours I choose, and the life I’ve always wanted to live! Being a webcam model has made all of these things come true for me, here’s to #2019 and many more amazing memories!”

A webcam model? I’ve briefly heard about this type of work, but never really looked into it, so it was my time to do some research into this industry.

I then spent the next 5 hours going through Google, review sites, blogs and every possible piece of information on the internet, to find out which would be the most valuable platform for me to join here in Europe.

There was one website which kept popping back up on numerous sites, Lisa Lush Models – Best webcam modelling company to work for if you’re a NL or BE based performer… Easily get paid into your bank account… Completely independent… Safe & secure… Weekly payouts. These were the popular topics being brought to attention for the Lisa Lush site.

It was becoming obvious to which site had the best ratings and reviews, so I clicked through to the Lisa Lush website, which to be honest, blew me away with the design and layout (So I knew they cared about their image and reputation) as I find a company website can actually give you an idea of what the company might truly be like to work with.

If they have a poor looking website, I think to myself, what’s the backend going to be like, where I log into and use their services, is it going to even work? Am I able to get the support I need?

So, that’s why I take this into consideration.

After reading the benefits Lisa Lush had on offer, I quickly navigated to the application form and signed up.

I received the welcome email, headed to my profile to complete it and add my I.D. so I could get approved as soon as possible (I was eager to start!)

The next day, my phone buzzed, an email notification type of vibration… Was it going to be another crappy spam email about the next biggest dieting ‘buzz’ (Yes I get these a lot) or would it perhaps be the golden ticket? The ticket enabling me to enter the self-employment webcam modelling world… IT WAS. Lisa.

I remember my first day of webcamming, I was so nervous and anxious, not really knowing what to expect, having read up all my guides and support areas on the site, I was still nervous, here I went, hitting that BROADCAST button, feeling my heart beating thinking, am I even good enough to be doing this, what if they all hate me, and so on.

Those nerves were quickly settled by simply interacting with some of the members who visited my chat room, they were all actually very nice and complimentary plus also understood I was a new model, so had patience with me! I quickly got the hang of everything and streamed for about 4 hours. In this time, bearing in mind it was my first day ever doing this, I managed to earn $80.00.

You might be reading this and thinking $80, that’s not life-changing money, well, no, not exactly, but keep in mind I only had worked for 4 hours and it was my first ever day camming. That worked out at $20 per hour, my last paid job paid me $9 per hour, so this was a little over double to which I was previously being paid!

In the next few months, I kept to my schedule, and worked 4 days per week, averaging about 4 hours each day, that’s 16 hours per week, having been more confident and engaging with the paying members, I had amassed a generous following and had around 1200 favourites, (Members who had favourited me) I then managed to get my hourly rate average to just over $68, awesome!

That meant now from working 16 hours per week, I was taking home around $1000 PER WEEK!

4 months in and I was set to making around $52,000 per year, crazy! Compared to my old job which paid me around $17,000 a year, it was one hell of an increase!

With this extra income, I was now generating from webcam modelling, came my new lifestyle. I was now able to afford my rent without any worries, I paid off all of my debts and now go abroad much more often!

So after being reached out too from the Lisa Lush Team, about wanting to hear my story of how I became to be a webcam model, they were quick to reply asking me to write this article, so they can put it up on their website, for other people to hopefully read who might have been in my position back then, and to why they need to be in my position now. I couldn’t refuse!

It’s now just gone a year since I started working with Lisa Lush Models, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Seriously, if you’re still thinking, maybe this isn’t for me, or I’m going to find another website to work with, you don’t need too, follow my advice and get it right straight away, trust me, you won’t regret it!

Love xx Betty xx

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